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Soooo... it hasn't escaped my attention that I've sort of fallen down on the job of posting extras. Honestly, I've just about run out of things to say. I don't suppose anybody has questions/ideas?

Anyhoo, this is a story I was going to have Loukas tell at some point but the scene in which he told it got cut. I kind of like the story, though, it's a pretty good example of Edessan values.

The True Archon

“’Once there was a elarchon of Edessa, and in every way did honor to her family. The archon of her house intended to make her archon after him,’” Loukas began, quoting one of the first passages he’d ever learned. “’The princes was perfect in body, perfect in mind, and perfect in piety. She was to lead her family to glory and wealth. But one of her father’s wives was a jealous women and sought to make one of her own children the heir. The wife's children were weak, the first weak in body, the second weak in mind and the third weak in piety, but the wife didn't care about divine law. Her ambition consumed her.’” He went on, the recitation coming easily to him. He told how the conniving wife sought to make each of her defective children the head in turn, each child proving to be a worse leader then the last. Finally when the House was bankrupt and dying, the favored daughter came to inherit -- after killing the wife and her children -- and brought her family back into prominence.

The end.

Yeah, it's not a cheerful story.


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