Aug. 28th, 2009

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Edessan fashion fairly unisex; the most basic garment being a tunic. Under tunics are usually longer and lighter than over tunics and usually in a contrasting color. Linen and wool most commonly materials. The very richest also wear imported silk and cotton.

They have dyes in just about every color: blues, reds, yellows, purples, greens, etc, but most of these are extremely expensive and only worn by the richest. The poorer classes wear undyed clothing, black, brown, dark reds and blues. Sandals are common, as well as boots. Going barefoot in the house is customary. Hairstyles among the rich tend to be long and elaborate, with more sensible styles among the working class.

Wives wear veils in public, generally a rectangle of light cotton or silk worn draped over the hair and around the shoulders. It can be drawn down to obscure the face, but usually isn’t. Bright colors and patterns are favored. Loukas might wear a longer, darker and more restrictive garment among the rabble, a lighter, looser veil at the races and more formal ceremonies; at home or the home of friends and while riding in the country he wouldn’t wear a veil at all.

Every few years the Council tries to crack down on skimpy veils and wifely modesty, but the reforms never last for long.

Ear piercings are worn by just about everyone over the age of five. Nose piercings are worn by prostitutes as an indication of their trade. Now, because I love shiny things, have some Edessan-style jewelry:

This stuff can't be comfortable to wear ... )


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