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There's no word for virgin in Edessan. Which says a lot right there. Chastity before marriage isn't expected, but teens are encouraged to direct their energies toward their own sex, which is considered safer until they take up the responsibilities of their House or their husband's House. Wives are expected to be faithful after marriage, which is more or less enforced by their eunuchs. There is usually a six month engagement before marriage to make sure female brides aren't pregnant. With Loukas, of course, this wasn't an issue and the traditional waiting period was skipped.

Edessans don't have the active/passive sexual dichotomy and being the penetrative partner is nod considered degrading or a sign of weakness. Edessans concern themselves more with how people direct their sexual attention, i.e. a wife should direct his energies toward his husband, focusing on his husband's pleasure.

Sex between wives married to the same husband and between wives and eunuchs is a grey area. Most husbands aren't threatened by it as long as it doesn't result in unwanted children, though there are a few fundamentalists who feel wives shouldn't have so much freedom -- they are there to please their husbands, after all. If a wife was having fun with his sibling-wives and denied his husbands requests, that would be a problem, but as long as he were sexually available to his husband when she required him, that would be okay.

Edessans do have different words for sex-for-pleasure (including a variety of acts) and sex-for-procreation. They use herbs and pessaries for birth control -- some methods more effective than others.

They have taboos against bestiality and parent/child and sibling/sibling incest, but that's about it.
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