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Behind the High Walls

A Serialized Novel

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This journal is for the serialized novel Behind the High Walls. New chapters posted Monday, with bonus material on Wednesday and Fridays -- more or less.

See the table of contents or start reading.


The competition to inherit House Kommene is fierce. Siblings judged inferior -- both male and female -- are married off in polygamous political matches. Loukas Kommene is his mother's favorite and the darling of the imperial court. Only one thing threatens his claim: Loukas is severely dyslexic.

He has kept his “defective nature” a secret with the help of Alexia Damatrys, a young woman hoping to advance her own ambition along with his. Their plan falls apart when Loukas's brother discovers his secret and publicly exposes him. Eager to be rid of an embarrassment, Loukas's family marries him to a man with wealth, lands, and three other wives.

Unfortunately, that is only the beginning of Loukas's troubles.

Warning: This work includes depictions of violence, including some torture.


About the Author:

I'm a twenty-something Midwesterner. Writing Behind the High Wall was just a chance to finally put my Classics degree to use.

[personal profile] rubberbutton is my fannish and personal journal (on lj, too). Feel free to friend me or drop me a line at rb.lurks at

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