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I was a huge fan of HBO's Rome. This clip is from the DVD extras, and it does a really good job of illustrating slavery in Rome -- which coincidentally is a lot like slavery in Edessa. Eunuchs are a kind of body slave.

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Here's that family tree I was working on. It was a pain in the butt to scan in and my computer just kept quitting when I tried to pretty it up. So here it is, unpretty.

This has three generations. Archons are in red, wives in green (they also have a '+' next to their names, children in blue. Children are only added to the family tree once they reach twelve years of age, so there are quite a few children who died before reaching that age who've been left off. Also, children are listed under the wife's name.

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Grr Argh.

Oct. 9th, 2009 09:01 pm
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Sorry to be lame. I was working on a family tree for House Kommene -- hey, I find it interesting -- but the formatting's a bitch. I may just draw it out by hand and scan it. But I worked late and I'm tired so I'll mess with it tomorrow. In the meantime have a sketch of Alexia I did aaaaaaaaages ago but am only now desperate enough to post. Please not to be paying attention to the fact that her head is way out of proportion to her shoulders. Thanks. -- The Management.

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The following are Fayum mummy portraits from Roman Egypt, circa AD 250. While so much Classical art the people look pretty generic or stylized, these portraits look like, well, people. They also look pretty Edessan -- or I guess Edessans look pretty Egyptian. At any rate, there are a few differences: Edessans prefer clean-shaven and about most have very straight hair. Loukas, of course, is the exception. Some of them remind me of specific characters, but some of them just look like interesting people.
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Okay, it's not an official extra day, but I just had to share this. The fabulously talented [personal profile] aglassfullofstars has drawn a picture of Alexia looking in particularly fine form.

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Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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Edessa is a peninsula on the eastern coast of the continent. To the south and southwest lie mountains and to the north and northwest is the Erammos desert. Overland travel is, if not impossible, at least extremely challenging. The difficulty of land travel is one of the reasons Edessa is a major naval power on the Amarna.

The Djaan people -- a loose confederation of tribes -- control all passage through the Erammos. They're tough; pretty much the only people who can survive in such harsh conditions. They are fierce warriors and excellent horsepeople. They don't think much of Edessans, who they consider weak, effete and corrupt.

Below are a couple of pictures of Wadi Rum in Jordan, which was the biggest inspiration for the Erammos.
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Edessan fashion fairly unisex; the most basic garment being a tunic. Under tunics are usually longer and lighter than over tunics and usually in a contrasting color. Linen and wool most commonly materials. The very richest also wear imported silk and cotton.

They have dyes in just about every color: blues, reds, yellows, purples, greens, etc, but most of these are extremely expensive and only worn by the richest. The poorer classes wear undyed clothing, black, brown, dark reds and blues. Sandals are common, as well as boots. Going barefoot in the house is customary. Hairstyles among the rich tend to be long and elaborate, with more sensible styles among the working class.

Wives wear veils in public, generally a rectangle of light cotton or silk worn draped over the hair and around the shoulders. It can be drawn down to obscure the face, but usually isn’t. Bright colors and patterns are favored. Loukas might wear a longer, darker and more restrictive garment among the rabble, a lighter, looser veil at the races and more formal ceremonies; at home or the home of friends and while riding in the country he wouldn’t wear a veil at all.

Every few years the Council tries to crack down on skimpy veils and wifely modesty, but the reforms never last for long.

Ear piercings are worn by just about everyone over the age of five. Nose piercings are worn by prostitutes as an indication of their trade. Now, because I love shiny things, have some Edessan-style jewelry:

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from Science in Action

Since Loukas is (very) briefly on a ship in chapter four, I thought I'd (very) briefly talk about them. The above picture is the Olympias, a replica of a Greek trireme and looks quite a bit like the new ships Cyrian admires so much. Situated on a peninsula as they are, it behooves the Edessans to have a strong navy -- and they've got one of the strongest. The Edessans have strictly sail powered ships used as merchant vessels, but when it comes to speed over short distances, nothing beats the light, sleek trireme.
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I'm not much of a cartographer and this map is definitely not to scale, but it should give you some idea of the layout of the city.

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