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I think I’ve got most of the characters introduced, so maybe now would be a good time to include a pronunciation guide -- as irritating as they may be. All of the Edessan names are either stolen from Greek or heavily influenced by it. I tried to pick names that would be relatively pronounceable, but sometimes I can’t help myself. ;)

The stress falls on the penultimate syllable in two-syllable words and on the antepenultimate syllable if three syllables or longer.

Loukas -- Like Lucas, but with a more pompous spelling.
Kommene -- Ko-men-ee. I think I made this one up from Anna Komnena.
Eleutherios -- El-oo-ther-ee-os
Nika -- This one has two alternate pronunciations. Either Nee-ka or Nie-ka are acceptable. This is an adaptation from Nike, the Greek goddess of victory and evil shoe company.
Metrodora -- Meh-tro-dor-ah. She went by the nickname ‘Dora’ in her youth. Iereus still calls her that occasionally, but never in front of the others.
Myrrine -- Muh-rin-nay. It means myrrh. Originally her name was Anna, but I thought that would be too confusing with an Alexia running around already.
Falkon Iereus -- Like falcon. Eye-ray-us.
Procopia -- I stole this name from the Byzantine historian Procopius. He was kind of an asshole, but then, so’s Procopia.
Cyrian -- Like it looks. I just really love the name.
Alexia -- Was originally Alexios, until I changed his gender half-way through the first draft. Can’t remember the reason for the change now.
Poppy -- Poppies are one of my favorite flowers and it just seemed to fit. Poppy wasn’t the name he was born with, but I don’t think his birth name is revealed in this book.
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