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The Edessan calendar is complicated, but here's a rundown.

A year is made up of four season, each of ninety days. Between each season is a day outside of the calendar. On these days no business is conducted and no marriages are performed. Children born on these in-between days are considered unlucky. Every now and again the standing ruler will tack on more of these days so that the solstices fall where they ought.

The first (priman), thirtieth (trian), sixtieth (exsen) and ninetieth (teleuten) day of a season are used for marking dates. I.E. “four days after the Trian of Ardalia”, “the day before the Exsen of Theros”. The New Year begins on the Priman of Hylous (first day of spring).

Here is a table that (very roughly) compares the Edessan and Gregorian calendars:

Edessan Calendar
Gregorian Calendar
Season of HylousSpring
PrimanMarch 1st
TrianApril 1st
ExsenMay 1st
Season of LemnaSummer
PrimanJune 1st
TrianJuly 1st
ExsenAugust 1st
Season of ArdaliaFall
PrimanSeptember 1st
TrianOctober 1st
ExsenNovember 1st
Season of TherosWinter
PrimanDecember 1st
TrianJanuary 1st
ExsenFebruary 1st

The teleuten (last day of the season) isn't really used for marking dates. People tend to say “before the priman” rather than “after the teleuten”).

Edessan measure years from the founding of the city. BtHW begins in the Season of Hylous, 948 FC (from the founding of the City).
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Whew, yeah, there's a reason I pretty much hand-wave time whenever it comes up. I swear I didn't set out to make everything convoluted. Convolution just seems to happen to me.


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